SOCK PUPPETS episode 1!!!


1 – HEY. We’re the sock puppets!

2 – YUP!

1- Why are we sock puppets, though?

2 – ?

1- I mean, that is a completely unneccessary form for us to be, as comic strip characters, right, 2?

2 – I suppose..

1- DON’T interrupt, 2. Let me finish. I mean, we could be anything…humans, animals, plants, objects, but socks covering an appendage for the sake of not having anything better to use to tell a story besides spare pieces of clothing laying around the room?

2 – yeah, we are pretty weird.

1 – OH COME ON, 2. Have your own opinion for once! I tell you time and time again that I want you to say something, but you always time it wrong. Always interrupting.

2- But, 1…

1 – Oh my…GOD how does that keep happening? Just shut up, 2.

2 – 1, we have discussed this before. You have a weird brain disorder where you think you are something for one day, and the next day, it is something totally different. Last week you kept switching between thinking you were a corn on the cob and thinking you were a pig, constantly eating corn on the cob.

1 – ooh, that is low, 2. now the audience thinks that I am crazy. You just made that story up, out of nowhere.

2 – How could I have made that up?!

1 – well, SOMEONE did. Whoever is writing THIS.

2 – what is THIS

1 – sigh you have never understood the concept that we are, in fact, two souls occupying a comic strip which sometimes changes characters, but keeps our same souls within it and we occupy whichever characters are presented. It’s called self-awareness.

2 – well, that seems like a really cool idea for an ACTUAL comic strip, but this is a dialogue, interpreted as a comic strip and published on the internet for the sake of studying psychological disorders, which you have, 1. And by the way, 1 is not your actual name, it is just a label for the sake of anonymity.

1 – Dang, 2, that is one cool imagination you have going on inside of your head. You should think about becoming a writer. Of fiction. Because that’s what you are spouting to the audience.

2 – what audience? Do you see anyone around besides us, in this room right now?

1 – Well, the panels are so tiny and one-sided that it’s hard to say what can be seen …on the other side…but can’t you just FEEL an audience, bringing our words to life inside of their own heads?

2 – No. What?!

1 – This is what I mean by you not being able to grasp the general concept of us being comic strip characters, but it’s true.

2 – I can play your game for a while but I don’t know for how long…

end of episode one

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